Cool things Dads do!

Dads are cool and Dads are fun – they help kids learn new things and feel like superheros… Here are a few of the things they do that we are so grateful for:

1. Active lives: Take kids to watch sports and practice them! Dads are the main reason kids get to see sports in action or on TV, and love to teach their kids the sports they play.

2. Encourage: In fact, studies show that behind every successful man and even more so in the case of successful women, there often was a dad who said “You can do everything you decide to do”.

3. Create: Dads often love to build things with kids, from garden projects to wooden toys to Lego blocks.  Of course, this teaches 3D thinking, eye-hand coordination, budgeting and project planning 😉

4. Amuse: Dads often like to goof around and rough and tumble. They are more likely than Mom to choose funny movies to watch or games with no purpose other than fun to play. In fact contrary to popular belief, mothers are the stricter parties in 8 our of 10 families today.

5. Act as court of appeal to Mom’s judgement – as in: “Dad, can we have ice cream please?” after   unbeknownst to them Mom had already said no.

What cool things do Dad you know do? And do hug a dad this weekend and say “Thank you!”.

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, MD, CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper



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