Picnic foods kids love: 5 ideas for safe and healthy meals outdoors


With the summer weather, one of the nice things to do is eat outdoors, be it after a hike or on the beach. But what kind of foods can we take along that are:

  1. Easy to transport and will not be bruised, squished or leak,
  2. Tastes good in the heat,
  3. Are not likely to melt or spoil or attract bees,
  4. Is not messy to eat AND
  5. Kids like to eat?

Not to worry – there are at least five answers! Here are the five healthy things we pack when out and about (and if you agree, please tell others by doing a clicktotweet #perfect #picnic #food):

  1. Corn on the cob – prepare night before and chill in fridge – tastes perfect midday! Click to tweet
  2. Peanut/almond butter sandwiches or wraps and carrots. Click to tweet
  3. Cherry tomatoes and slices of cheese. Click to tweet
  4. Scones –  home-made and stuffed with whatever they like. Click to tweet
  5. Grapes and apples – perfect fruit that survives the heat well and is not messy! Click to tweet

Most importantly don’t forget the water – to both drink and wash hands before eating! We often get them to freeze water (don’t fill up the bottle all the way as water expands as it freezes) – so when it melts with the heat, it stays cold enough. Kids love it!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, mother of three CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper



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