Living the dream

This is a great way to ask yourself what is important for me… Love her three questions and the direct and honest way she has answered them. What would your answers look like?

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Living the dream

Don’t we look like we are having fun on that pic?

Spending time outdoors being active as a family is very high on my list of favourite fun activities.

What do I want:

  • Being true to my values.
  • Being physically safe.
  • Having a safe, trusting environment for my son.
  • Learning, always,
  • Doing something meaningful.

Not giving up:

  • Will not disguise who I am,
  • Will not give up on human rights,
  • Will not disrespect another human being.
  • Spending time with my family

What I give up:

  • Employment security
  • Financial security
  • Top schools for my kid

I love to laugh and share a good mood!


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