A reminder and a thank you

Alex’s comment: I have always liked this blog but the last two posts have been just beyond marvelous. One is a poem to motherhood. The second is a poem to the community of people who come together to support parents through the peaks and valleys of the journey. Good enough parenting is hard to pull off, mostly because of the crazy pressures we self assign to us.

Today, my third child – a toddler screamed as if in mortal danger as I was leaving her at Buddings – a place she normally loves. What happened? She grew up and suddenly became more aware of separation. Or maybe we had just spent an awesome holiday together and she did not want to separate from mom. One will not know, except experience with the older two made me know that she will quickly settle down especially if I firmly and lovingly said goodbye and did not prolong the agony by attempting to reason or calm her down.
Indeed, back two hours later, she greeted me with a smile and proud “I did not cry mommy“. And then started crying, as she didn’t wanted to leave Buddings! Sigh…

But back to the point I wanted to make – I spent the two hours with a divide between my head and heart – the former fully convinced that she was OK, the latter shaking with worry about her. Elizabeth Stone said “Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – all I can say is “So true!”.

So here is to posts like Kiran’s (the re-blog above) that comfort us on this rollercoaster experience. Virtual hug to all moms (and sincere kudos to all sitters, nannies, ECE profs and teachers who help guide our kids through these experiences)!!!!

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Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, mother of three CEO and Co-founder myBestHelper

Mummy Says...

This terrifying, roller-coaster that is motherhood has taken me on a wild ride this week. I’ve been living in The Haze (that place where sleep-deprived parents hang out but don’t notice each other because they’re so tired), there’s been the curve ball thrown that was my son getting bitten at daycare, and there’s been the general craziness of life with 2 under 20 months.

But, dearest friends, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, you have reminded me this week that it is not a wild ride that must be experienced alone. Motherhood, you reminded me, is hard on us all. So thank you to those of you who have laughed with me, cried with me, commiserated with me, advised me when I asked and supported me when I didn’t.

Motherhood is hard, it is bloody hard and tiring and exhausting and it fills you with fear and and worry and self-doubt…

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2 thoughts on “A reminder and a thank you

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