Last Minute Unique and Easy #Christmas Decoration Ideas: TREE, TABLE, GIFTS

blog post on 3 ideas of christmas

1. Make your own Christmas tree

It’s easiest is to use Christmas cards you may have received or just get an assortment of 12 or 24 Holiday Cards – and use it to display them on some branches or in a Christmas tree pattern on the wall. You can also get rolls of wrapping paper and put them up on the wall in a tree pattern – instant festivity and no mess from needles!

Image Image

We also love these more elaborate, but unique and creative #Christmas Tree Alternatives by YummyMummyClub.caShape a Christmas tree on a wall using red, green and white (and more colors). You can use festive images or messages or not, the shape and color palette is what makes it cool looking.


2. Decorate in minutes a super festive table 

Gather up pine cones, stones or even shape spaghetti into funny shapes – and toss them around in paint and/or glitter glue. Crumple festive colored tissue paper or add Christmas decorations into a bowl or vase.  Cover in festive gift wrap boxes of different shapes (can be things from the pantry!).


bowl of ornaments

3. Give gifts that wow (at least before they are opened ;))

Everything goes – brown paper looks amazing with some fabric wrapped around the gift’s middle, using old maps (Joy to the World!), pages from an old book or dictionary.


Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM CEO myBestHelper, master of everything last minute 😉



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