Joy to the world: Random Acts of Christmas Kindness


Imagine our world if these were not just random, but also frequent acts of kindness:

1. Give up your spot in line for someone else.

2. Add money in an expired parking meter.

3. Buy the next person in line a coffee.

4. Offer to babysit for someone you know – even two hours is a welcome break!

5. Call to thank someone who helped you sometime this year.

6. Do yard work / shovel snow for a neighbor.

7. Find something nice to say to the next five people you meet.

8. Thank someone in the military, police, fire, ambulance.

9. Place a giant pile of pennies by a fountain and leave a note inviting people to make a wish.

10. Bring non perishable food or toys to a box in stores and malls.

11. Donate blood. Any time is useful but esp during the holidays.

12. Have the kids draw something for the crew who does your mail and your garbage.

There are many more ideas, and would love to hear yours. But the one that we parents need to be reminded to do, is to do a random act of kindness for ourselves. Something small and silly and random that makes us happy (and not because we helped someone else). Remember, in order for us to be able to continue to give, we also need to receive… which seems too often a very hard thing for parents to do!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM CEO myBestHelper, who will be browsing randomly in a bookstore this afternoon as my own personal act of kindness



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