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Kids and Planes in Vancouver – 5 Summer Activities for Aviators at Heart

Air show 2014

Boundary Airport Airshow – FREE family fun

Pilots are basically little kids, just instead of their stories staring with ‘One upon a time . . .’, they start with ‘There I was flying . . . ‘. For young aviators there are many great places to find story material. So here are a few of the high experiences that will create life ling memories for kids and grown ups who like planes: 

  1. Summer Fun for All – YVR Friday Fun Days: In the summer for eight weeks, Fridays at the Vancouver Airport welcome travelers and locals who love flying. Activities, games and live performances transform the airport and make it fun for kids. There are contests and interactive events – a different theme every Friday in July and August. 
  2. For those seeking the thrills and sounds of demonstration and aerobatic aircraft it is airshow season with the Boundary Bay Airshow on July 19th (free admission) and Abbotsford Airport Airshow on August 8, 9 and 10 (paid admission with a mix of military and civilian aircraft).
  3. At the Langley airport is the Canadian Museum of Flight with some classic aircraft including a WW I Sopwith Camel replica, Douglas DC3, CF-100 Cancuck jet fighter and CF-104 high speed interceptor. Many of the aircraft can be touched adding to the fun of visit.
  4. If you just want to do some kid friendly ‘plane spotting’, there is the Larry Berg Flight Path Park located to the east of YVR airport. Just park and watch everything from twin engine commuters to the ‘heavy metal’ large airliners take off and land. There is a huge climbable sculpture that is a 3D map of the earth showing destinations in reach of YVR. Continuing around on the south side of the airport you can go to the Flying Beaver Bar and Grill for great hamburgers (yum!) and a super view of watching float planes operating on the water next to the restaurant, or crossing the road near by as they are towed into hangars.
  5. “Future of Flight” – a tour of the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington is a unique experience worth the trip – just 1 hour south of Vancouver. Go see where half of the world’s airliners are born! In the main plant where your could play 300 simultaneous hockey games your mind become overawed by the sheer size. Explore the dynamics of flight and experience new aviation innovations. The tour is better geared for older kids and they must be at least over 4 feet due to safety issues, but don’t think of old, dirty, dangerous – the plant is pristine and immaculate.

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM CEO myBestHelper


10 Awesome Canadian Inventions – Happy Canada Day 2014!

Did you know all 10 of these are Canadian? Literally from coast to coast – from New Brunswick to Toronto, Manitoba, Alberta and BC – awesome Canadians have invented some things we literally can’t live without! mbh-Canada Day infographic

Summer = farmer’s markets!



We wrote recently about helping kids develop their taste buds: Karen LeBillon’s 2nd book “Getting to Yum: Curing and preventing picky eating”, endorsed by a Harvard Medical School pediatrician, helps with taste training for kids.

The other things that help is to see where food comes from. Showing this to kids directly works amazingly, as UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver demonstrated through his work with schools. Here is a video showing school kids who could not identify a potato from a tomato!

Farmer’s markets can help with that. Summer is a great time to visit one – and here are the listings for VancouverCalgary and Toronto. The best is when your kids can actually speak with the vendors and ask what they are passionate about – markets are full of creative people who are driven by their love of what they do, and it’s so interesting to discover the people behind the produce and the products.

If you can’t make it to a farmer’s market, there are some great online resources on “farm to table” food. Enjoy!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, CEO cofounder myBestHelper

When we are lonely…

Take 3 minutes to watch this and you will feel better. How can one not feel inspired by this video about Brazilian teens learning English by speaking to lonely American elderly?

It’s amazing how isolated our teens and seniors can still be in our social media networked world and I loved the creativity of helping cross the paths between generations. If you do know a teen or a senior, give them a call today – love at random times is always appreciated!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, Co-founder CEO myBestHelper

Simple ways to teach kids about Earth Week


It’s Earth Week and to get your kids to be more Earth-friendly, I think it really starts with us setting an example. The best statement I saw on what WE can individually do to help the world be a better place was from Wilcox as quoted in the National Geographic blog:

When you think about climate change, it’s hard to reduce our carbon footprint, because we have to go through a fundamental shift in our economies. With plastic, when you’re throwing a bottle cap on the ground, that should be an easy impact to get rid of.” 

Simple, yet so powerful! Here are 10 other simple ways we can teach our kids about this compiled by Cher from Eco-Bravo, as a guest post on a blog that I really like “The Right Balance” by Salma, a writer and a mom of two:

“Children are great imitators, so give something great to imitate” We can use these early years to reinforce good habits and create the “normals” of their lives. For my family, it’s “normal” to recycle, compost, walk in the forest, ride bikes, use natural cleaners, bring our own bags for groceries, use cloth napkins for mealtimes and reusable lunch and drink containers.

The absolute best and lifelong gift we can give our children is a connection to nature. If you want to raise kids who will turn into teens and adults who want to protect the earth, give them a love and understanding of nature, make it part of who they are.

Here are 10 ways you can begin earth-inspired norms in your own family:

1. Go for nature walks. Learn the names of trees, flowers, birds, bugs and teach your children to look, listen and touch.
2. Plant a garden. Kids love peas picking and carrots! Growing and eating food that your kids helped plant and pick will give them valuable knowledge and understanding of where food comes from.
3. Teach your children the names (and tastes) of all fruits and vegetables.
4. Eat whole foods that kids can recognize and bake/cook with your kids. This is essential to the deeper connection of how the earth feeds us.
5. Make yearly visits to a working farm, where kids can meet hens, goats and sheep and try to pick some eggs; and visit organic farms to pick berries in the summer.
6. Take nighttime walks or go camping (even in the backyard) and look at the stars.
7. Swim in lakes, not just pools :)
8. Attract birds to your yard with a bird feeder or a birdbath.9.
9. Teach your child to turn off lights when not in a room, turn off water while brushing teeth and put paper in the recycling or apple cores in the compost, instead of just using the garbage.
10. Play outside. Simply spend time outdoors: riding bikes, going to parks, having a picnic, going to the beach, kicking a ball.

See original article.

Alexandra T. Greenhill, Earth inhabitant, mom of three, CEO founder of myBestHelper



Moving from guilt to gratitude

This description of a Mom journeying from being sick with the flu, then guilty and then grateful is just an awesome read – made me LOL several times… Enjoy! Alexandra

What to EAT & Where to GO to Celebrate the Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year Lunar New Year Horse

Lunar Palaces at LunarFest 2014 – Lunar New Year

For many families, celebrating Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) means delicious food, great festivals and a memorable parade. Want to join in the fun?

Dining Out – Many families will be celebrating together with Dim Sum this weekend. If you’re still new to Dim Sum, here are some helpful Do’s and Dont’s of Dim Sum etiquette.

Dining In – Doing dinner at home? According to Huffington Post, great foods to celebrate the Lunar New Year include tangerines for wealth and luck, whole fish (head and tail intact) to represent a good beginning and end to the new year, pomelo for prosperity & lettuce wraps to bring rising fortune.

Celebrate with Activities and Festivals in and around #Vancouver – Here’s a quick glimpse at what’s going on around the city. All family-friendly!

Saturday Feb 1:

  • Burnaby: Visit the Lougheed Town Centre to watch parades and performances
  • Chinatown: Live performances at International Village Mall
  • Langley: Learn about Chinese Astrology at Willowbrook Shopping Centre
  • Richmond: Chinese New Year Flower and Gift Fair at the Aberdeen Centre. The fair includes dance & music performances
  • Surrey: Celebrations at the Central City Shopping Centre
  • Vancouver: Great stage performances at the Oakridge Centre

Sunday Feb 2: 

  • Burnaby: From 1-3pm only, celebrate at the River District Centre
  • Chinatown: Chinese New Year Parade & Cultural Fair. The parade starts at 11am at the Millenium Gate.
  • Chinatown: Temple Fair at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden, including Live Performances, workshops and games. There will also be a Children’s Corner all day long.

Feb 7-9:

  • Can’t make the festivities this weekend? No problem! The Lunar Fest is a weekend-long festival that includes storytelling, workshops and performances.

Looking for something completely different to do this weekend? LEGO Travel Adventure opens this Saturday Feb. 1 at Science World, where you can participate in building the largest LEGO mural in Canada!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the Lunar New Year, I wish you “Gung Hay Fat Choy”!

Stephanie, can’t-wait-to-eat-Dim-Sum-and-watch-the-dance-of-the-dragon, Community Manager at myBestHelper