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Neil Squire Society: Award-winning not-for-profit celebrates 30 years

The Neil Squire Society is a Canadian not-for-profit organisation that helps people with significant physical disabilities achieve greater independence through the development, adaptation, and use of innovative services and technology for the home and workplace.

Neil Squire Society celebrates today 30 years of service. Go see the infographic on what has happened in those 3 decades, not the least of which is 30,000 people helped. You can also see the historical timeline and the fascinating photos of how technology was put to good use.

It’s fantastic to be able to focus on celebrations, as I am convinced that the news today would have been all about shortages of funding, had it not been for the extraordinary efforts of Rob Attwell, my business partner and myBestHelper co-founder COO.

Rob has been served for years on the Board of the Neil Squire Society, first as a member then as Chair of the Board. Along with many able volunteers and team members at the Neil Squire Society, the funding cuts over the last few years were dealt with and more resources were deployed to help so many Canadians whose quality of life truly depends on the work Neil Squire Society does.

I have seen him first hand spend hours of his time, demonstrate resourcefulness, creativity and sheer will power to keep the organisation on the right track in today’s difficult funding climate. Jim Collins of “Good to Great” fame describes the key success factor of organisations that show sustained superlative success is the presence of “a Level 5 leader, a paradoxical and rare blend of genuine personal humility and intense professional will”.

Rob is definitely a level 5 leader, usually happy to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes – and although he might not like me writing about his contribution to the success of Neil Squire Society – someone just HAS to publicly recognize his hard work and incredible abilities. At myBestHelper, we all know how lucky we are to have someone of his capabilities – and are thrilled to support and encourage his commitment to community causes he is passionate about.

Incidentally the Neil Squire Society annual report has on its cover page that they use “technology, knowledge and passion” to accomplish their mission – and technology, knowledge and passion are also core to how we approach our company too.

Rob Attwell is seeing standing far right at the City of Vancouver ceremony recognizing Neil Squire CEO Gary Bearg - with Mayor Gregor Robertson

Rob Attwell standing far right – here in 2012 at the City of Vancouver ceremony recognizing Neil Squire Society with the city’s Access and Inclusion Award (Gary Birch, Executive Director of the Neil Squire Society is in front holding the plaque with Mayor Gregor Robertson)

On behalf of us all, we are so proud of your accomplishments, Rob – and of course, live long and prosper to Neil Squire Society!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, CEO cofounder myBestHelper

PS. Of course, ongoing funding and success totally depends on people like us – so donate, contribute, advocate and vote in support of worthy causes like this one!


November is National Family Caregiver’s Month – 3 ideas on how to celebrate by helping!

caregiving There are millions of people who are involved in caregiving for a relative who is sick or disabled, short or long-term. Studies show that this is tough on their own health, energy and finances, and even more importantly on their morale. The associations between physical and psychological health and being an informal caregiver are well established, with caregivers reporting higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression. So how can we all help? Here are three concrete ideas that any of us can do:

  1. Say thank you with a phone call, a message or a card: Does not need to be big or elaborate – just do it. You can also give them a copy of your favorite funny movie or a book on tape – distractions help. The AARP runs the ThanksProject.org – a fantastic collection of ways to acknowledge and e-thank caregivers among us.
  2. Give them a day off or even a meal off: Even dropping off a meal can mean a break from having to do it all! Usually help with practical daily chores is really appreciated – doing a shopping run, cleaning the yard from leaves, gathering the snow or throwing some salt on pathways if icy. If you are too busy or don’t live close by, offer them help through a service like ours.
  3. Help celebrate holidays: For example decorate a family caregiver’s home for the holidays or offer to address envelopes for his or her holiday cards. Daily life is so busy as it is, that managing the additional workload related to a holiday is often impossible.

These ideas are very actionable and especially will be life lessons for young kids who learn by example. So get them involved and see the miracle of how helping others makes your family tighter and happier.

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, Mom of three, CEO of myBestHelper, best place for families to find helpers