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Being a Modern Woman: 5 Best TED Talks Ever

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I am a TED talks addict. Here, I have said it and – I know I am not the only one. But at least is for a good cause – I learn something every time!

It’s worse right now because TED talks are being held right now in Vancouver, for the first time away from their usual location in California. Our city has been vibrating welcoming so many interesting people who are interested in what others think – both attendees and presenters. And EVERYONE around me is into sharing what their favorite TED talks are – of all time, on a given topic, by a given presenter…

So – all this made me think to share the TED talks that I have found most interesting lately centered on the theme of being a modern woman and a parent. Here are the 5 most interesting talks, in the order I recommend you view them:

If you have not personally felt the need to consider this entire line of thought, just open any business magazine and count faces – any magazine still contains a ration of 5 to 6 times the smiling men to women, and the Canadian Medical Association just send me a “Future Practice” magazine without a single female physician profiled, referenced or even just photographed.

We need to notice this, gently alert ourselves and our male colleagues and guide society towards a better place where people can do what they are passionate about without gender (or race, age, religion etc) being an obstacle, a deterrent or a challenge.

The trend has been historically to under represent women leadership roles and it’s both pull and push. Many young women opt out when they consider the giant burden of doing it all and being Type E – Everything for Everybody. Only through our own awareness of this remaining a challenge and some firm and gentle action will this situation ever change, as all research shows that the imbalance of genders is created by omission (‘failure to think and/or act”) rather than “commission (“intending to cause”).

We need to notice omissions, consider them and call for action on these “missed opportunities”. Watching these five TED talks is a great way to get up to speed in less than half an hour, and not just for women – I really think change will happen when these TED talks on women become a #mustsee for all.

And yes, I have a line up like that on modern men too… you just need to wait for the blog post!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, mom of three, CEO founder of myBestHelper, woman, human