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Celebrating 100 blog posts: Know thyself and other points of happiness

Team selfie - May 2014 - from back to front: Eric, Marcin, Haley, Zach, Steph, Denise, Rob and Alex

Team selfie – May 2014 – from back to front: Eric, Marcin, Haley, Zach, Steph, Denise, Rob and Alex

100 blog posts… And through the act of writing, a new sense of purpose has emerged. We have learned so much since we started! So three quick points:

  • First of all – thank you to all of you who have read, commented and shared. Without your support and encouragement, this would have been a long and lonely journey.
  • Second – kudos are due to our incredible guide in our venture in the blogosphere. Our progress was much improved by the advice and inspiration provided by Crystal Henrickson, the brilliant community manager of Invoke Labs (who was famous already for launching Yelp Canada). She patiently helped us figure things out and coached us to improve what we did. We #love you, Crystal!
  • And third, last but not least, these formative blog posts helped us identify who we are and where we are headed. We are the place to go for stories that interest both families and helpers – smart, modern, healthy.

Join us on that journey. And stay tuned for many more great stories and findings to share!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, Co-founder CEO myBestHelper


Why We Love Science World – and you should too!

At myBestHelper, we’re big fans of Science World – it’s a magical place where children not only learn about science, but get to interact with it as well. And what else makes science world so great for families?
“Science World has a unique benefit with their passes that allows my nanny to be listed on             the card… at no extra cost to us.”

Learn our story here at myBestHelper and how science has inspired our CEO, Alexandra Greenhill.


science world kids family nanny

Science World is a great place for kids to explore and become well-rounded

Donor Profile: Dr Alexandra Greenhill with myBestHelper

Tell us a little about yourself. What did you study?

I studied medicine in university and became a family physician, but I was interested in coding as early as high school.

I am an elected school board trustee for the public Francophone school board of BC and value not only the importance of French in the school curriculum, but science as well.

Our family has a Science World membership and we appreciate the value of the pass—knowing that you can integrate your visit into your daily life is a great thing. When you just come for the day, you feel as though you have to maximize your time. When you have a membership you can stop by on the way to the park or for a couple hours in the evening. It’s an opportunity for my kids to be constantly exposed to science. It becomes a habit.

Why do you feel that informal science learning is important?

Science is part of our everyday lives. Exposing your kids to science helps them become well rounded. When kids visit Science World, they’re able to touch the exhibits and associate learning with fun.
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